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 Mayor's Message Review

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PostSubject: Mayor's Message Review   Mayor's Message Review Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2007 8:03 pm

(Under Construction)

Welcome to the Capital of Cornwall
~*~Updated 04/16~*~

Wish to become involved in how the town is run? Send Zangi a letter.
Wish to take part in politics or just want to socialize? Come join us in the forums today.

Any questions, comments, or complaints, send them to Zangi.
The Cathedral Church of St. Thomas of Exeter has opened a soup kitchen(tavern) to aid the people of Exeter by providing 5 pound bread.
Enlist in the militia today and help defend Exeter.
Be in the miners lottery to win 20 and support Cornwall; work in the mines at least once a week. Found at this link: http://forum.renaissancekingdoms.com/viewtopic.php?t=30908
Level 0 should be there daily unless working in the church.
Level 1's join the fruit picking programme and be guaranteed the Town Hall will buy your fruit @ 10,40 or less.
Recommended Field Choice
1st: Pigs and Corn
2nd: ----
3rd: Cows, Sheeps
Please don't get Vegetables or Wheat

Recommended Level 2 Professions
1st: Millers
2nd: Carpenters, Bakers, and Butchers
3rd: Weavers and Blacksmiths

Pig Ranching Guide

Orchard(Fruit) Picking Guide

Corn Growing Guide

Town Advisers

We are always looking for more who would like to be active in the community.

Town Hall's Buy Prices.
~*~Updated 04/16~*~

Corn:............ 3.25 Pounds
Wheat:........... 12.70 Pounds (Please don't use the TH Auto-Buy for Wheat.)
Vegetables:...... 10.40

HHW Pig:......... 14.80 Pounds (Auto-Buy)
HW Cow:.......... 28.00 Pounds (Auto-Buy)
Milk:............ 8.50 Pounds
Balls of wool:... --.-- Pounds
Hides:........... 0.00 Pounds (The Town Hall is not buying, please don't use the Auto-Buy. Please don't kill your sheep.)

Town Specialties
Fruit:...... 10.40 Pounds
Wood bushels:.... -.-- Pounds
Fish:............ --.-- Pounds

Processed Goods
Meat:............ 17.35 Pounds
Flour:........... 15.05 (Auto-Buy)
Bread:........... 6.30
Knives:.......... --.-- (By Order only.)
Large Ladders:... --.-- (By Order only.)
Small Ladders:... --.-- (By Order only.)

Town Statistics
~*~Updated 04/16~*~
Number of players, level 0 : 135
Number of players, level 1 : 38
Number of players, level 2 : 4
Number of players, level 3 : 5

Number of wheat fields: 8
Number of corn fields: 13
Number of vegetable gardens: 1

Number of cow ranches: 1
Number of sheep ranches: 3
Number of pig ranches: 8

Number of cows: 1
Number of sheep: 10
Number of pigs: 17

Number of millers: 0
Number of bakers: 1
Number of butchers: 2
Number of blacksmiths: 1
Number of carpenters: 0
Number of weavers: 2

Well, anything that need be added or fixed or anything, place it here, I'll update the Mayor's Message here everytime I change it.

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PostSubject: Re: Mayor's Message Review   Mayor's Message Review Icon_minitimeThu Apr 19, 2007 5:26 pm

can you not put it in quotes please Zangi. I cant read it
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Mayor's Message Review
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