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 Advertisement to Other Towns?

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PostSubject: Advertisement to Other Towns?   Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:32 pm

Come to Exeter, even if its only to visit. You can pick about 2 fruit every day!

(Disclaimer: You need to have at least a small ladder, 10 Strength and +20 Int...)

For better results, get a large ladder and have 20 Strength! 2 fruit a day! Guaranteed! You may even get a 3rd fruit!

Exeter will buy your fruit at 10,20 a piece. Thats a fine wage of 20,40 pounds a day.
But, you can also bring your fruit back home to sell or just eat it yourself.

EDIT: Actually, hold off on advertising the above..... We don't want to make enemies of our neighbors.


Why bring people here even though they are only going to work the Orchards and keep the fruit for themselves?

They will buy bread, food. And they are potential traders. To make life easier....

So, think anyone can get an advertising campaign going? For that and for more bakers/millers.

And more Pig Fields in Exeter...
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PostSubject: Re: Advertisement to Other Towns?   Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:21 pm

Right now, all the Fruit is being sold at 11 pounds or above...
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Advertisement to Other Towns?
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